Headlights on parade.

An hour ago, the traffic situation looked really bad. Uber said “No cars available at this time”. Where have they gone then? Probably stuck in the long, slow moving queues of vehicles, trying to make their way through this helluva transpo madness. Stuck longer than the usual because it’s Friday and it’s raining. Thank goodness it’s not payday today. Que horror!

So, even if all I want to do now is go home and enjoy this rainy night, immerse myself in a good book, I cannot. Not unless I choose to walk my way home. Which by the look of things doesn’t even appear to be an option. So, here I am, seated by the floor to ceiling glass wall of Paseo Center facing Paseo de Roxas, looking at the very heavy downpour outside, a traffic enforcer trying be on top of the situation amid the heavy rains, cars, well, bumper to bumper.

No chance to go to any bus station, what more the MRT. Heavy rains, no umbrella. Yup. Story of my life. Every time. 


Millennial eh

If anything, I get to write. What other better way to spend a surprise me-time than a good read or writing a spontaneous note.  With pagkain sana. Another story.

Also, I have exceeded my self-imposed maximum time count for social media for the day. Besides, my newsfeed is boring. It consists mostly of people’s dissenting political opinions, the NBA’s upcoming 4-0 or 3-1 depending whose side you’re on, selfies and the totally disconnected captions that go with them, relentless words of encouragement and inspiration – via a reposted quote or from the heart nobela- from some people in our industry whose efforts in promoting life insurance and long term investments is just unwavering, and travels – endless travels. Because #wanderlust. Not much on traffic. I guess even a trip that’s supposed to take less than an hour but instead takes forever is something that we can get used to.  

Traffic situation outside is as bad as the last time I glanced outside some 30 minutes ago. For some reason, I find that the long line of blazing headlights make for a beautiful sight to look at. Parang may concert. Something like that. 

Uber is finally giving signs of hope.
The fares, however…different story.

By the way, I’ve been in The Sandwich Guy this whole time. And their jingle has been playing repeatedly since I don’t know when.

Praying that my phone’s dwindling battery won’t go off at least until I’m Uber-booked, that I can go home before midnight and that I don’t sing TSG’s jingle out of the blue in the next few days or so. They call that LSS. 

Please don’t!


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