Hello beautiful queens and princesses of the world,

March 8th. Wow. Today is our day. 



Much has been said about how we should be bold in our dreams; how we should not cower in fear in making our voices heard; how we should be treated/compensated with no gender bias; how we should take on roles that the world only thinks suit him not her, and more. 

However way you, dear daughter of Eve, define your very crucial, significant and one of a kind role in this life, 

May you not let the opportunity pass to live freely and fully. May you find strength amid life’s seemingly insurmountable challenges. May you realize and embrace the truth that a heart like yours was birthed to endure, to be happy and to love. May you find peace that surpasses all understanding. May your adventures bring you closer to your maker, strengthen bonds of friendship, protect relationships and inspire the people around you to dare and do it. May you choose the pursuit that will bring you to greater heights, bigger and bolder dreams, and ultimately a life where the glory of God shines the brightest. 

To the women in my life who have in ways more than I could count made a huge impact in my life, whose stories continue to inspire me, whose strength amaze me every time, whose love and faith mean to me more than any accolade, thank you.

To my two late grandmothers who lived a long, difficult and colorful lives, your simple joys and genuine expressions of happpiness have a special place in my heart. I miss you both.

To the woman who had big dreams but took in head on all that life required of her, who never experienced and will never know what it’s like to work in an 8-5 shift, who was never in any employer’s payroll because she had to be a wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother- sometimes one major role at a time, sometimes all at once. You may not have become what your younger self aspired to be, but please know that you are exemplary and brilliant in ways no one else can.  Thank you for all the love, Mama. 


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