What to do when there’s not much to do?

My attendance in coffee shops is usually business related. At least during working hours.
Other times, I just want to sit down hoping the world to slow down even for just a minute. Futile, I know.

I grew up disliking coffee shops. I thought they were impractical, unnecessary and encourage pretense.

I also grew up not knowing that Sales and Service, together, could mean future for me. And that when I was already in it, no matter how I try to distance myself from holding meetings in coffee shops, drinking coffee more so, I couldn’t just stop the inevitable. It’s like what has God put together, no one can separate. Haha

That to this day, I will never forget the first time I entered Starbucks in Emerald, Ortigas. I cringed.
I didn’t even buy a thing. I just accompanied a friend buying her espresso. 

I will also never forget the first time I was asked what food would I like to go with my frappe. And what size would I like my frappe to be. Too much!

Also, last year’s sticker collection for the 2017 SB Planner was a record breaker. In 2 months, I, with the help of some people, completed 4 booklets.
All given away. Merry Christmas and a productive 2017 sa kanilang apat.

Why the reminiscing?

So much has happened since those abovementioned firsts. Those and everything in between (all count for huge changes in my life) may have transpired in less than 10 years, but if I were Miss Philippines, I would have answered “my love and hate relationship with coffee and coffee shops”. Which will not make sense to a lot of people, entirely irrelevant to global crisis, totally insignificant to climate change and world peace.

Probably why I would never have won the crown –
if it were me.

Again, why the reminiscing?

imageThe newly opened Bo’s Coffee in SM Light, a tumbling away from where I live, has the best dulce de leche cake. I like their drinks better than of the others, too. Really. Obviously, andito ako ngayon. To my dismay, however, they have no reading materials. Which led me to reading the last 4 chapters of Psalms on my phone (handy hehe),  led me to go through my daily devotions, got to the end of so many unfinished readings that I eagerly started but for some reason nakalimutan na lang, and this. Nakapagsulat ako ulit.

Just when I thought there’s not much for me to do, it turned out that I was able to do so much more.
And more.


Jesus is great!

Have an amazing Sunday!


If you find yourself in the same situation but would prefer a more un-modern response (no gadgets), get a pen and paper. It works. 🙂


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