Sons of Adam.

It’s been a while since I last made a note on random conversations that I pick up in public. Particularly those I am in no way involved. In short, eavesdrop much. Haha

As I always say, it’s not my intention to overhear the concerns, however trivial or a case of life and death, of strangers near me. If only you can lower the volume of your voices, I might just leave you be. But then, I won’t have anything to write on. Whatever.

image* As I wait for a client, two very formal looking men went in and took the table next to mine. And they started talking about leadership. Before I know it, their conversation started to heat up. You know, English galore. One is trying to convince the other that he is worthy of the support of the team, while the other is trying to tell the former that he isn’t. It’s time to pass the baton to someone else. Someone more deserving.

The former tried to expound his point through a number of analogies. The other would counter.

Peter: Pare, I agree mostly to what you said. Mostly ha, not all. Okay? Not all.

Edward:  See? You can’t accept your shortcomings. It’s like you apologize but with conditions.

As the conversation progresses, their voices seem to suggest that they are at the verge of strangling each other, but they have by far consistently heard each other out amid making the other realize he is wrong, the one speaking to be right. I guess that makes the strangling a far off occurrence. 
Moral of the story:  hear each other out. 

As the saying goes, seek to understand then be understood. 

And now they leave. I check my watch, apparently, they were at it for almost an hour. One full lunch break gone.

And, oh, they didn’t order anything.


I’m currently reading Narnia. Hence, the choice of names and title. 


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