Up here.

At eye level to this scenic view, I can clearly remember how I was in some serious self-talk at this point. Braving each kunat step going up our route’s major ascent when my phone suddenly rang really loud because mi mudra is calling to greet me a Happy Birthday!

I had to take the call because the sound has to stop (if it were someone else’s phone I’d be very annoyed) and of course because it was Mama. She knows what I was up to that morning but I doubt if I gave her a clear picture of what I was getting into.

Or on a second thought, there’s no need really.

Like any child who is convinced that she is old enough to decide of what’s good for her, while any possible parental objection maybe welcomed, she chooses to filter what to share and what to hold back.

And I find that moment really sweet, candid and very humbling.

With all the pride that I was carrying in me for running by myself, not podium finish fast but just going non-stop, that moment planted my feet back on a flat and solid ground. The irony of breathing in all the energy and strength while at a mountaintop and at the same time feeling like a little girl who looks forward the most to her parents’ birthday greeting.

And so my decision to devote my time in just keeping on and less on the “unnecessary”, meaning no picture taking, had to be bent a little.


… because that moment reminded me that my mother is an ever unfailing presence in most of my difficult climbs (literal and figurative) – some thrown my way, some because of my own doing. 😂

Missing you so much, Papa! I love you.


Let it go.

In 2013, as I was readying to move out of my home address then, I had a hard time choosing what to and what not to bring with me. Which meant that I had to say goodbye to some stuff that I have strong attachments with. Clingy sa gamit than tao.

You know that feeling when you want to declutter and you see some stuff that you’ve not laid eyes on for a while but seeing them feels as if it’s a sin to not keep them anymore. Like clothes you’ve not really used for more than a year but seeing them AGAIN (haha) instantly takes your brain to a hopeful state that one day you and that dress will have a moment.

Hoard, keep, pile up them boxes, fill those cabinets to the last space it can accommodate. Or squeeze them altogether. There always seems to be room for the very unused old and the beloved new ones.

My home space right now forces me to be a “less is more” kind of a person. A step by step process that I still struggle with but is making Mary Kondo very happy.

I’m reminded of this kind of attachment because a few days back I had to say goodbye to my phone that has served me really well for the past 2 years and a half. Due to my own doing. Moral of the story is: Take care of your stuff, especially the essential ones. And then please do define the meaning of ESSENTIAL in your life. Clearly.

With it are hundreds of files and thousands of photos that I’ve sorted in different albums, all I believe are important to me.

That phone, with all the ease and limitations that come it, I wasn’t ready to let go yet. Okay pa eh. 😦

Nope. No cloud or some sort of backup except for the contacts. THANK GOD for Gmail. Ayoko pong mag manual save ng sandamakmak na tao, Lord. Needless to say, had that been the case, this would have been more difficult. The anonymity of every person who’d call and text me is giving me a headache.

Anyway, back to letting go.

I realised that this recent life-changing (Aba, oo!) incident made me realign my perception towards minimalism. Of appreciating the present, just enough to not get too attached, as these will all eventually become a thing of the past in the future.

I’ve saved, kept and refused to delete thousands of photos because I feel as if I need them. As if deleting some of them is tantamount to me not being grateful for the memories that I associate with those photos. The kind of need that I will be incomplete without them. Ganon.

All of my niece’s videos. Hay.

Yet here I am. Whole as I can be.

Loving my new phone and ready to make new memories. And will be ever ready (battery… mais) to discard what’s no longer necessary. What a very liberating thing to say!

Here now in what I dub as “my admiration for Steve Jobs’ vision has come full circle” chapter.

New phone’s first photo. Not my idea. May nangialam.

Life can either be complicated or simple. Complicated na nga utak mo, pati sa gamit magulo rin? Crazy.

It’s your call.

Elsa wins!

DB – Sol Hicksk

Hello, 2018!

I have long given up making a list of resolutions when a new year comes. Largely because I believe that the step to changing for the better is possible in any given day a person wills to. But that’s another story.

So about fresh starts.

Who doesn’t love new beginnings?


Endless of them.

I think we all do.

Regardless of status, previous achievements or backslides, we are all equally wealthy in terms of time. When the clock struck midnight on December 31st, everything was back to square 1. Reset. Restart.

Time. A gift that is probably the most priceless there is. But how we will make use of it will spell a major difference from who we are when the clock went 00:00:00 to the person and the life we envisioned in the coming year will be.

The in-between, ika nga.

Just imagine 365 days (350 as I write. What???) to walk and see through to the end. Amazing, right?

However way you do yours, my prayer is that we all get to the end strong, grateful and better.

Yes. We’re talking about beginnings but I’m already at the finish line. (Woman!)

Seriously, my other big prayer is that from today until God only knows when, may we all – in the words of Solomon Hicks, “Dream not just to get by. But to dream big dreams. Have the humility to ask for help. Have the courage and commitment to work hard. DREAM BIG.”


Everywhere I go I’m gonna let my light shine…



My newsfeed is now a pin board of people’s Best of 2017.

Usually, it’s about new discoveries; and usually it’s about new destinations. I think most of us want to go see places, don’t we?

As of late, it’s more about gatherings and reunions. The gift of family and valued life relationships.

May it be a travel thanksgiving or something material or intangible, we want to look back and express words of gratitude.

And I pray that we can all do that.

But life as it is quiet surprises even the most careful planner in all of us. It takes us to unexpected turns, detours or extensions, that when faced with these, all we can do is dive in and plunge albeit reluctantly. Gotta keep going. Sometimes, these surprises disturb the balance we’ve long held on to, making it seemingly impossible to say a simple thanks. Zooming in our focus more on where we fell short and what went wrong. For some, the imbalance may come off as a failure to consistency. A lack in gusto that may equate to being less committed. For some, though, they take it as a new ground to learn more and how to be better moving forward.

To get to the latter, I guess that’s where the often unappreciated self-compassion comes in.

It’s when you give the much needed patience, care and chance to begin again to the most important person in your story. You.

And maybe a pat on the back for not being too hard on yourself because you’ve been too hard on yourself.

That said, I may have just summed up my 2017. 🙂

So there. As we bid this year goodbye and as we welcome a new one very, very soon, I pray that we have the heart to be grateful no matter the circumstance – for all that was, is and will be.

May the next 365 days inspire you to dream up and commit to work for a good life not only for yourself but also for the people you care for deeply. And in all this, remember, self-compassion.

< em>Photo from a Goalcast clip that I saw on Facebook. And speaking of gratitude, a loud thank you goes to the genius people behind Goalcast. Like/follow their page. There’s more to Facebook than your family/friends’ annoying posts. ✔️


Nothing is impossible. 

Some things are just impossible to happen.

There’s always a first time.

Time is money. Time is gold. But a heart of gold is as precious, too. 

my takeaways from today’s unplanned but much needed muni-muni. Millennial-ing, pwede rin. 

I can stop right there pero parang mas gusto ko pa magkwento. 

Kasi there are things in life that turn out to be not as bad as we regard them to be. Other times, they are the answer to our questions, the reprieve to our troubles, the pitstop to our seemingly unending pursuit to whatever, wherever, be whoever.

What I mean is nanood ako ng pelikula. The kind of movie that has a title that raises my Tita eyebrows, and whose lead stars I don’t really like. May mga ganong tao, no? Di ka naman inaano, pero the sight of them ruins your day. Worsens your already bad day. Perfect kasi. Ha ha

So nanood ako ng, as per Twitter, #LYTTSAB. 

There’s this local film critic whose reviews I would agree with most of the time. Minsan harsh siya. But valid naman. Anyway there’s this film that I honestly had no ounce of intention of watching. But it’s the only “parang pwede sa mood ko ‘to” movie that’s lined up for screening this afternoon. And then I remembered that this film critic gave it a 5-star rating. Huh? Eh Tagalog. Rom-com pa. Obviously, I didn’t read his article. Di man lang na intriga bakit. Eh sa ayoko nga.  No interest. 

To cut the story short, it was worth my time and money. Yup.

Iyak konti. Tawa rin. Kilig slight. Pero more sa malalim na life hugots. 


Also, I remember in her TedTalk, the director and writer of this film said, “perfect magsulat kung broken-hearted ka. Kebs sa grammar, spelling, punctuations. All out lang. Minsan nga may pera sa heartbreak eh. Tignan mo si Adele.” 


The movie, kahit pang bagets, dealt with emotions that I can very much relate with. Not the “feeling relate” lang kind. As in, I know and I understand level. 

I said na, no, it was worth my time and money and konting luha? Abaw. 

The bagets, too, so good the acting chops. Proved my judgement wrong. And though much of the storyline -except for the extraterrestrial part – has been used countless number of times, if done in a good taste and aims for quality more than just pleasing the “people” is always worth giving a chance. 

Minsan talaga, kailangan mo lang maniwala. 


All italicized quotes are lifted from the film. Mabuhay ka, Antonette Jadaone! I love you. No more hurriedly done, pang quota lang movies na, please. Please! You don’t belong there. 

Headlights on parade.

An hour ago, the traffic situation looked really bad. Uber said “No cars available at this time”. Where have they gone then? Probably stuck in the long, slow moving queues of vehicles, trying to make their way through this helluva transpo madness. Stuck longer than the usual because it’s Friday and it’s raining. Thank goodness it’s not payday today. Que horror!

So, even if all I want to do now is go home and enjoy this rainy night, immerse myself in a good book, I cannot. Not unless I choose to walk my way home. Which by the look of things doesn’t even appear to be an option. So, here I am, seated by the floor to ceiling glass wall of Paseo Center facing Paseo de Roxas, looking at the very heavy downpour outside, a traffic enforcer trying be on top of the situation amid the heavy rains, cars, well, bumper to bumper.

No chance to go to any bus station, what more the MRT. Heavy rains, no umbrella. Yup. Story of my life. Every time. 


Millennial eh

If anything, I get to write. What other better way to spend a surprise me-time than a good read or writing a spontaneous note.  With pagkain sana. Another story.

Also, I have exceeded my self-imposed maximum time count for social media for the day. Besides, my newsfeed is boring. It consists mostly of people’s dissenting political opinions, the NBA’s upcoming 4-0 or 3-1 depending whose side you’re on, selfies and the totally disconnected captions that go with them, relentless words of encouragement and inspiration – via a reposted quote or from the heart nobela- from some people in our industry whose efforts in promoting life insurance and long term investments is just unwavering, and travels – endless travels. Because #wanderlust. Not much on traffic. I guess even a trip that’s supposed to take less than an hour but instead takes forever is something that we can get used to.  

Traffic situation outside is as bad as the last time I glanced outside some 30 minutes ago. For some reason, I find that the long line of blazing headlights make for a beautiful sight to look at. Parang may concert. Something like that. 

Uber is finally giving signs of hope.
The fares, however…different story.

By the way, I’ve been in The Sandwich Guy this whole time. And their jingle has been playing repeatedly since I don’t know when.

Praying that my phone’s dwindling battery won’t go off at least until I’m Uber-booked, that I can go home before midnight and that I don’t sing TSG’s jingle out of the blue in the next few days or so. They call that LSS. 

Please don’t!